Your Guide to Braces

Think you know all there is to know about braces? Think again.

From traditional metal braces to clear aligning trays, this dental treatment is an important option for improving the look, health, and functionality of your smile. Join our team as we explore all aspects of braces with Miami orthodontist Dr. Stephen Grussmark.

What are Braces for?

The desire for a straighter smile isn’t exclusive to modern humans. Since ancient times, humans have searched for ways to correct misaligned teeth. Artifacts found at archeology digs across the Mediterranean show evidence that civilizations like the Etruscans and Romans buried their dead with dental appliances or bound teeth with gold wire and catgut to prevent dental collapse in the afterlife.

Today, metal brackets and plastic aligners help patients of all ages achieve straighter teeth and healthier smiles. As modern dentistry has continued to provide patients with diverse treatment options, continued innovation in the dental specialties in the field of orthodontics has allowed specialists like Dr. Grussmark to treat a wide array of malocclusion. With braces, our orthodontist in Miami is able to correct over/underbites, open bites, and crooked teeth as well as jaw and arch problems.

Who is a Candidate for Braces?

While most people associates braces with teens and young adults, the truth is that almost any patient can get braces at any age. At the Centre for Braces and Centre for Invisible Braces in Miami, Dr. Grussmark works with all patients to help them reach their end goal. However, certain treatments are more effective when completed at certain ages.


For kids, Phase I and Phase II orthodontics are an ever important option to help ensure permanent teeth develop correctly. Also known as interceptive orthodontic treatment, this form of braces is completed is two distinct phases starting as early as age 7. Phase I and Phase braces are strongly recommended when children show signs of severe malocclusion early on. In recent years, this form of treatment has also been suggested for young patients showing signs of sleep apnea.

During phase I of interceptive orthodontics, the braces help guide the growth of jaw bones by using a permanent retainer. Once the malocclusion has been corrected and permanent teeth have developed, the second round of traditional braces is used to move teeth into their final position.

Teens & Adults

Kids aren’t the only candidates for braces. While teens and adults may not qualify for interceptive braces, traditional metal braces are highly effective for correcting bite misalignment as well as improving oral esthetics.

For responsible teens and adults with busy lives, clear braces like Invisalign are another effective option for correcting bite problems and creating beautiful smiles.

Relapsed Patients

While orthodontic treatment is meant to last, it’s not uncommon for adults of all ages to experience some form of relapse. This occurs when teeth move out of their ideal position, ultimately ruining bite alignment. For these individuals, abbreviated braces treatments like Acceledent or Invisalign have been successfully used to return smiles to the right alignment.

Why an Orthodontist is ALWAYS your Best Choice for Braces

There’s a reason orthodontics is it’s own specialty. All braces treatments require an in-depth knowledge of bite alignment and jaw interaction. In cases of severe malocclusion, malpositioned teeth are really a result of poor jaw alignment. Having experience and knowledge in how to create the best bite for a patient with braces comes from specialized training beyond dental school. As a result, it’s critical that you visit an orthodontist rather than a general dentist for such specialized care.

Looking for an Orthodontist in Miami? We can Help!

At the Centre for Invisible Orthodontics, Dr. Stephen Grussmark is dedicated to helping all patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. If you’re looking for a local orthodontist with years of experience, give our office a call. We have locations throughout the greater Miami area, including Town Centre One off 74th Ave, in Village of Merrick Park in Ponce de Leon, and off Brickell Parkway.

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