Kids Treatment

Early Orthodontic Treatments

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, children as young as 7 years can be treated for orthodontic conditions and younger patients can begin treatment even earlier if a problem is detected by a dentist or family member. In young patients, the timing of orthodontic treatment is critical to achieving optimal and enduring results. Since each patient has their own unique set of anatomical and clinical circumstances, the proper age for early orthodontic treatment will largely be determined by the severity and type of issue requiring treatment. Fortunately, Dr. Stephen Grussmark of the Centre for Invisible Orthodontics in Coral Gables, FL has the expertise and knowledge required to effectively diagnose and treat orthodontic conditions in younger children. By getting an initial orthodontic exam at an early age, Dr. Grussmark can evaluate, monitor, and even prevent common problems and complications.

Benefits and Advantages of Early Diagnosis

One advantage of having an orthodontic specialist like Dr. Grussmark diagnose and treat common orthodontic issues early on in younger children (7-9 years) is that they can help to guide the growth of the facial bones and eruption of permanent teeth. The benefit of early or interceptive orthodontic treatment is that Dr. Grussmark can help to provide optimal and stable development of the young person’s oral anatomy which helps to pave the way for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Another added benefit of early orthodontic treatment is that it is usually more comfortable for young patients and more convenient and more economical for parents. As much as 80% of facial growth is completed by age 8 in most people, and an early examination of children can be used to easily identify any abnormalities or problems in the development of the jawbone, teeth, and gums. Early orthodontic examinations certainly don’t always result in an immediate treatment plan. If there are indications of a potential dentofacial problem, then Dr. Grussmark may simply choose to periodically monitor the patient while their permanent teeth erupt and their skeletal system continues to develop.

Why Early Orthodontic Treatment is Effective

Orthodontic and musculoskeletal problems of the jawbone are best treated at an early age (7-10 years) because growth and physical development is rapid during these years. At this critical formative juncture, many types of dentofacial orthopedics can be utilized to gently alter or reshape the jaws and supporting bone to treat or prevent further orthodontic issues. Additionally, early intervention makes the completion of treatment at a later age more convenient and less invasive in the future. If orthodontic issues are left untreated into adolescence or early adulthood after facial growth has finished, then they may be more difficult to correct and may require more invasive treatment like surgery or extraction of permanent teeth.  Dr. Grussmark advocates early orthodontic exams for children at the Centre for Invisible Orthodontics, located in Coral Gables, FL because orthodontic issues can manifest themselves prior to the eruption of permanent teeth.  If problems are caught early, they can typically be treated and resolved before they have an opportunity to cause any permanent damage to the oral health of patients.

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