Wearing Adult Braces is Cool Again

You might be apprehensive about straightening your misaligned or crooked teeth with braces, but the revolutionary Invisalign treatment solves your worries. These clear aligners are invisible and removable. As an adult, your days of feeling “cool” have returned!

Once you’ve opted for Invisalign over traditional metal braces, the excitement begins. After a consultation with your orthodontist regarding how Invisalign works and all the details of treatment, having a set routine for your new clear aligner trays is where it becomes a conversation piece at dinner parties. Wearing adult braces shows you care about your teeth and how they appear to others.

The Benefits to Your Work and Relationships

Invisalign was designed to be easy to care for and more appealing than traditional metal braces. They both achieve the same results. However, Invisalign has gained in popularity due to their invisible nature. Let’s take a look at their effect on work and relationships:


When you have more confidence, it shows. If your teeth are crooked and you’re not feeling up to par, you might not perform your job with as much effort due to lack of self-esteem. With Invisalign treatment, not only can you work successfully without the embarrassment of your smile being compromised, but the invisible clear aligners allow you to speak properly and have long lunches with your coworkers.


Being with someone or placing yourself in social settings can be overwhelming if your smile doesn’t appear perfect. Because our smiles define so much of our relationships, Invisalign motivates you to boost your circle of friends and gather with family more often. You can wear the clear aligner trays in public and they’re barely noticeable. You can remove them while you sleep and it won’t interfere with your romantic encounter . You can smile to your heart’s content, both during treatment and afterward. Invisalign is that modern and innovative.

Final Thoughts

If you choose Invisalign clear aligners, being an adult and having to wear braces can enhance your overall health, physically and mentally,. How the process straightens your teeth over time, and how it improves your health and well-being certainly puts you in the “cool” category again in your adult years. At our Centre for Invisible Orthodontics, Dr. Grussmark, with his extensive experience and well-earned reputation for excellence, will restore your confidence in your beautiful smile.

He’s the premier Invisalign provider in the south Florida area and he’s ready to take your smile to the next level. Call our office today to schedule your appointment.

Stephen Grussmark