The Benefits of A Well-Educated Patient

Patients are visiting dentists with a renewed sense of what they envision and how the dentist can help them achieve their goal. Through their own research, a patient understands and continues to ask questions. They also realize that teeth corrections such as Invisalign will help make teeth straighter and restore their smile. Are you ready to take that step?

Working With A Dentist

There is ample information out there to ask your dentist. Because your smile, your teeth, your overall health are a primary concern, having a conversation with your dentist about techniques and procedures continues to elevate the standard. The minute you sit down with Dr. Grussmark and discuss your smile goals, he will thoughtfully and compassionately go over your treatment options.

How Invisalign Fits Into The Bigger Picture

Whether you and Dr Grussmark are discussing how to improve your child’s teeth, or your own smile is needing an upgrade, the invisible aligners, aptly named Invisalign, continue to grow in popularity. After two decades of innovation, Invisalign is the most advanced clear aligner system to transform your smile. They are more comfortable than traditional metal braces, they are more affordable than you can imagine, and they are better fitting than their predecessor, braces. Your confidence will soar once you’ve taken the plunge into Invisalign. The more you know about these corrective custom aligners, the more inspired you’ll be to have your own success story.

As your dental health is your priority being a well-educated patient, here are some helpful tips to remember during your initial consultation with your dentist:

  • Know what you want.
  • Ask as many questions as possible. About anything related to your smile.
  • Do your homework regarding which treatment will help the most.
  • Compare and contrast Invisalign versus traditional metal braces.
  • Check with your insurance company prior to dental discussions.
  • Try not to accept everything at face value. Your dentist wants to work with you.

The overall benefits of a well-informed patient are your dentist can have more productive discussions before any work is done, which allows you to get exactly what you want. Your dentist welcomes all you have to offer as he is poised to provide minimally invasive dentistry according to what you two have agreed upon. The entire process of communication throughout treatment increases as well.

With Invisalign, your goal for proper teeth straightening is achieved, and Dr. Grussmark carves the path to get you there. Our team at the Centre for Invisible Orthodontics has the philosophy that assisting you with your dental health needs is the most important part of our day. We are committed to your smile and will make certain your experience aids in what you already know as an educated patient. Call our Coral Gables, FL location to begin your beautiful smile journey with us.

Stephen Grussmark