How To Use Your Invisalign Aligners Correctly

How To Achieve Your New Smile

Invisalign ONLY works while you are wearing the Aligners. We recommend that you wear your Aligners full-time, day and night, except when eating, brushing or flossing your teeth.

The Aligners are designed to sequentially move your teeth making it imperative to wear each Aligner in the order prescribed. You’ll wear each Aligner in the series for two weeks, (unless otherwise instructed by the orthodontist) and then you can change to your new Aligner.

Keep your regularly scheduled appointments – this is the only way we can be sure the treatment is progressing as planned. Typically, you will be given 4 Aligners at each appointment. Change them every two weeks- your appointments will be approximately every 8 weeks. For patients traveling long distances, (out-of-town college students, etc) a greater number of Aligners may be given at each appointment – appointments can be extended beyond 8 weeks.

Each Aligner is engraved with a ‘U’ for upper or an ‘L’ for lower and the number of the Aligner.

When inserting the Aligner into your mouth, gently push the Aligner over your front teeth. Then apply equal pressure using your fingertips on the top of your left and right molar until the Aligner snaps into place.

DO NOT BITE your Aligners into position. This may damage them.

To Remove: Using your fingers, simultaneously apply equal downward pressure on the left and right side of the Aligner and lift it off your rear molars. Then gently lift the Aligner off your front teeth. Immediately rinse and store your Aligners in the protective case provided with your starter kit by your orthodontist.

To help prevent damage, avoid unnecessary removal.

We recommend that you store your Invisalign Aligners in your plastic case when not in your mouth. This will protect them from potential damage.