Traditional Metal Braces in Miami, FL

Perfecting Your Smile

Metal braces have long been an effective way to straighten your smile. And thanks to a number of technological breakthroughs, today’s braces are more streamlined and less noticeable than ever before.

Here at the Centre for Invisible Orthodontics in Miami, we’re the leading Invisalign® provider in Dade County. But we’re also happy to furnish you with modern and efficient metal braces when it best suits your needs.

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What Are Traditional Braces?

Traditional braces are individual brackets that are attached to the frontal surfaces of your teeth. The braces are held together using an archwire that stretches across the teeth. Rubber bands called elastics are commonly used to add additional support that helps adjust the position of your bite and jaw.

Once a month, your orthodontist will tighten the archwire across the brackets, gradually moving your teeth to the correct alignment.

Individual treatment times with traditional braces can last anywhere from a few months to a few years. This will depend largely on the complexity of a particular case.

Why Choose Orthodontics?

Whether you choose metal braces or Invisalign®, Dr. Grussmark will design a course of treatment to give you a beautiful smile. This will dramatically enhance your self-esteem and you’ll never have to feel insecure about flashing your smile again.

In addition to making you feel reluctant to smile, misaligned teeth can also damage your health, increasing your chances of suffering from pain, cavities, gingivitis, excessive tooth wear, and difficulty chewing. Braces eliminate these concerns.

Beware of DIY Orthodontics

While the internet has become an invaluable resource for research and discovery, it has also led to a DIY (“Do-it-yourself”) revolution. Unfortunately, DIY enthusiasts have now taken it upon themselves to attempt do-it-yourself health treatments. This can have disastrous consequences, especially with orthodontic care which requires advanced knowledge and extreme precision.

Some individuals have even wrapped small rubber bands around their misaligned teeth in an attempt to force them into proper alignment without the help of metallic implements. This is very unsafe, as it can lead to even greater misalignment, extreme pain, or even the loss of teeth.

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