Teen Treatment

Teenagers today have full and challenging lifestyles that include sports, school, and active social lives. As young people make the transition into their teen years, they inevitably become more concerned about their appearance and how others perceive them. Peer pressure is a common occurrence during the teen years, and if teens have teeth that aren’t perfect, it can have a negative effect on self-confidence.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

Dr. Stephen Grussmark of the Centre for Invisible Orthodontics has the training, knowledge, and the artistic vision required to provide extraordinary, effective orthodontic treatments for preteens and teenagers. If a teenager has misaligned teeth and they are left untreated, the consequences can result in gum disease, tooth decay, bite problems, inhibited speech articulation, and even certain functional growth problems.

Fortunately, Dr. Grussmark has helped over 15,000 patients get the straighter teeth and natural-looking smile they have wanted and deserve. He is one of the few orthodontists in the world who offer the Elite Premier Provider class of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. With his 30 years of experience, his orthodontic treatment options have been revered and sought after.

They include:

Invisalign Teen Invisible Braces

The Invisalign Teen orthodontic treatment system is by far the most comfortable, convenient, and effective solution for minor to moderate orthodontic issues affecting teenagers. Invisalign Teen is a custom-made designed clear aligner that won’t interfere with a teenager’s lifestyle. In fact, Invisalign Teen will deliver the healthier and straighter smile that teenagers seek. This treatment also accommodates incoming adult teeth during the entire process.

Invisalign Teen utilizes a progressive series of clear thermoplastic aligner trays that gently and gradually move teeth into their desired position. The clear, aligner trays can be easily removed for eating, oral care, or for any special occasion when braces might not be desired. In addition to their positive functionality, Invisalign Teen help to prevent tooth decay, periodontal infections. and staining or discoloration of teeth.

Traditional Orthodontic Braces

Moderate to severe orthodontic issues have long been treated with highly effective traditional wire and bracket braces. Dr. Grussmark offers a variety of styles of contemporary orthodontic braces that serve to make the treatment process easy, convenient, and as comfortable as possible. He uses advanced methodology to help teens with orthodontic problems that can be resolved with traditional braces.

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Why wait? The teen years are vital in securing a smile that will last well into adulthood and beyond. Dr. Grussmark and his thoughtful staff at the Centre for Invisible Orthodontics welcomes you to check out our orthodontic solutions and be on the road to a straighter and greater smile. Whether through traditional braces or Invisalign Teen, we want to ensure your lifestyle is full of success and happiness with a smile you’ll be ready to show off. Give our office a call to schedule your no-obligation orthodontic consultation. See why our teenage patients are raving about their results!