Adult Treatment

Orthodontic Solutions for Adults

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For adults of any age, your teeth and smile are important parts of your overall health and should be properly cared for to ensure that they remain strong, vital, and looking great for life!  If you have a smile that is marred by crooked, crowded, or unevenly spaced teeth, then it is never too late to have the healthy and beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted.  At the Centre for Invisible Orthodontics in Coral Gables, FL Dr. Stephen Grussmark has been helping people of all ages achieve straighter and greater smiles with individualized orthodontic treatment plans for over 30 years.  Over 15,000 patients have entrusted their smiles to Dr. Grussmark and his caring, compassionate and patient-focused team because of their dedication to their practice credo: “Integrity, Competence, Commitment.”  The Centre for Invisible Orthodontics offers a multitude of orthodontic treatment options, and Dr. Grussmark is one of the few Elite Preferred Providers of Invisalign® orthodontic treatments in the United States.  If you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your smile because of teeth that are crooked, crowded, or otherwise cosmetically flawed, then Dr. Grussmark has a solution to fit your smile, your schedule, and your lifestyle!  Read on to learn more about the treatments that we provide at the Centre for Invisible Orthodontics in Coral Gables, FL!

Invisalign® Invisible Orthodontic Treatments

Just because you didn’t get orthodontic treatment when you were younger doesn’t mean that you need to live with a smile that you are embarrassed of showing! Dr. Grussmark is in the top 1% of Invisalign providers and utilizes this remarkable orthodontic option to effectively and comfortable treat adults of all ages. The Invisalign treatment protocol utilizes a progressive series of clear thermoplastic aligner trays to gradually and gently shift teeth into their optimal positions. Aligner trays are created using advanced 3-D imaging technology to digitally map out the best treatment option for each patient’s unique clinical situation. The smooth and durable thermoplastic material that aligners are made from ensure that there are no rough edges to irritate gums and other areas of the mouth while in use. Invisalign aligner trays are completely removable in seconds and allow for easier oral care, cleaner teeth, and a healthier mouth than would be possible with conventional metal braces. In addition to the incredible comfort and convenience, Invisalign orthodontic treatments offer the following advantages and benefits over traditional braces:

  • Inconspicuous, virtually invisible orthodontic treatment
  • Cost comparable to that of traditional braces
  • Shorter treatment duration
  • Beautiful, healthy, and enduring results
  • Aligners are removable for easy eating, brushing, flossing, and even for special occasions
  • Cleaner teeth during treatment
  • NO meticulous cleaning or frequent dentist visits for maintenance
  • NO unsightly and uncomfortable wires, brackets, or rubber bands
  • Absolutely NO dietary restrictions
  • Won’t interfere with your lifestyle, no matter how busy or active you are

Invisalign invisible orthodontics take the inconvenience, discomfort, and self-consciousness out of the equation while still delivering exceptional results to highly satisfied patients. Whether you simply want a healthier smile without crooked teeth or you would like to improve your overall appearance, your Invisalign treatment can be fully designed by Dr. Grussmark to facilitate your busy lifestyle without getting in the way. There has never been a more effective, comfortable, and convenient treatment option for common orthodontic problems and there is certainly no better time to take advantage of it than the present! Be sure to visit our before and after gallery to see some of the stunning results of Dr. Grussmark’s expert Invisalign treatments.

Orthodontic Braces for Adults

It is always Dr. Grussmark’s hope to treat his patients’ orthodontic issues with the least restrictive yet most effective treatment option possible. In some moderate to severe cases, traditional braces may be the best treatment option for achieving the desired results. Fortunately, advancements in technology, techniques, and materials have made the process of getting braces and treating orthodontic issues simpler, more convenient, and more comfortable than ever before. Dr. Grussmark and his friendly and knowledgeable staff offer a variety of different types of braces to treat even the most complex cases of crooked teeth, crowding, and spacing issues.  While it is true that braces are not just for kids and teens, our adult patients at the Centre for Invisible Orthodontics in Coral Gables, FL are in good hands with Dr. Grussmark.  Braces can be used to treat all types of orthodontic issues including:

  • Class II Malocclusion
  • Class III Malocclusion
  • Crossbites
  • Crowding
  • Deep Bite
  • Open Bite
  • Many other conditions

Contact Dr. Grussmark for Your Complimentary Orthodontic Consultation Today

If you are currently unsatisfied with how your teeth look and you would like a smile that you can be proud of then braces could be an effective treatment option for you! All that it takes to start the process of getting the straight and beautiful smile that you want is to schedule your very own orthodontic consultation with Dr. Grussmark today. With his extensive experience and knowledge, Dr. Grussmark will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your teeth, gums, and jaws to determine your candidacy for the various types of orthodontic treatments available at the Centre for Invisible Orthodontics in Coral Gables, FL. Your smile is the first thing that many people notice about you and Dr. Grussmark and his staff want to help you put your best foot forward with a gorgeous, healthy smile!  Contact our office to schedule your free, no-obligation orthodontic consultation with Dr. Grussmark in Coral Gables, FL today!